{Pet + Lifestyle} Mandy + Conner + Brinkley, A Douglasville Pet Session

We had the opportunity to hang out with some of our new friends recently. We love what we do and we love it even more when our photography clients become true friends. We’ve had lots of opportunities to hang out with Mandy and Conner for the past two or three years, but this time was extra special. We were hanging out as friends as much as anything, and just threw in a bit of family photography as the cherry on top. We had a blast!

Not only did we have a great time hanging out, but we got to meet the newest addition to the Volpe family, Brinkley (also known as Brinkles and Sprinkles). He’s such a low key puppy and has the most adorable howl. Our little Dottie (you can see her here) didn’t quite know what to think about his howling, but by the end of the night they were having a blast.:)

We started off in a gorgeous gazebo in our neighborhood in Douglasville with this really cool spiral staircase.

Mandy and Conner came prepared (in typical Mandy and Conner fashion 😉 ) with toys and noisemakers. I think Brinkley had an awesome time!

What a good looking family!!!

A few months ago we promised to pull out some cool new tricks we’ve been learning for our sessions. This photo is the result of one of those cool new tricks. We love making skies really blue!

Brinkley was so well behaved! He’s only 6 months old and knows all kinds of commands. He was totally showing off his “sit” and “stay” tricks for us!

This tree was just gorgeous and Nathan did an awesome job at getting the sunlight just perfect to make our sweet couple look even more glowy and gorgeous than they already were!

Okay, so photography nerd moment here. Photography is all about light and how it moves. Do you see the light bending around the leaf in the foreground (on the left) and all those swirls it makes to the backgorund?!! Crazy. But even more crazy than that is how awesome Mandy and Conner rocked their session. It’s like they practice this stuff or something!

Wait for it……..

Bam! Transition! I totally didn’t do this on purpose when posting their session, it just happened. And I just happened to notice.

In case you can’t tell we headed to the adorable but quiet Downtown Douglasville for a few photos at sunset. Mandy and Conner were fascinated by the store on the right. I am pretty sure Conner would have been shopping if we were in the middle of their session!



We had been doing a lot of walking around that afternoon so we let the sweet family take a little break on a bench.

I’m loving this one and how Brinkley totally matches the background. He did so great modeling for us!

He was being so well behaved. It looks like Nathan had a giant steak off-camera, but I promise he didn’t.

I looove the feel of this photo. It’s timeless and has so much texture and contrast to look at. But it’s still simple enough that you look at our sweet family.

How adorable is this?!!!

And it’s even more adorable that he looked away when they kissed! This guy already has it figured out!

We try to keep other random people out of our photos, but sometimes it just adds to the moment. As if time sometimes just stands still and the rest of the world goes on around you.

By the end of the afternoon, Brinkley was already cool and relaxed as a cucumber.

We found this awesome old brick wall and just had to use it. And the sunlight was so soft and gorgeous at this time of day.

Mandy and Conner are such naturals, they look like they don’t even know we were there.:)Those are my favorite times, when couples just settle in and enjoy time together.

We brought Brinkley back in for a few more family photos before we headed home to eat some amazing dessert Mandy brought over!!!


We had an awesome time hanging out Mandy and Conner and can’t wait to do it again soon! We are thankful for your friendship!


Nathan and Natosha


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